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Beach Sand

Specially graded washed beach sand.

€4.00 per 25kg bag. Special Offer: 3 bags for €10.00. Also available in tonne bags

Building Sand

Building Sand in a fine screened sand perfect for building blocks, stone and pointing ridge tiles.


Quality Irish Cement.
Normal Cement is a high quality general purpose bagged cement and is suitable for all general concreting, block laying and plastering applications.

Concrete Gravel

Concrete gravel is a mix of washed sand and pebble used for concrete foundations, paths and floors.

Crushed Shale

Crushed Shale, also known as hardcore, clause 804 or 1 1/2″ down, is a fine crushed stone that’s essential as a base for all paving, path and driveway projects.

Grit Sand

Grit Sand is a coarse washed sand used to lay concrete slabs and cobble block paving. Grit sand is also used to aerate soil when planting.


White Rhino Hydrated Lime
The versatility of White Rhino Hydrated Lime is reflected in its many end uses. Traditionally viewed as a building material, Hydrated Lime is now used extensively in applications such as waste water treatment to correct pH and precipitate heavy metals. Recent additions to Hydrated Limes end uses includes its role as an active filler in asphalt pavement, reducing failure modes and increasing the lifetime of the pavement. Available in 25kg bags.

NHL 3.5 Lime

Moderately Natural Hydraulic Lime

Used mainly for masonry and external plaster works. The most popular material for new build work.

There are many reasons for specifying and using Roundtower Natural Hydraulic Limes for restoration and conservation:
Old and New – Roundtower Natural Hydraulic Limes are suitable for building restoration and conservation. Equally, they are well suited for new construction and as mortars, plasters, concrete and grouts.

Choice – Roundtower has 5 different natural hydraulic limes. An NHL 2 (white), two NHL 3.5 (one white and one grey), an NHL 3.5 Premix and NHL 5 (bright). Roundtower also suplies Lime Putty. This gives the user the widest choice of material…

Natural – Roundtower Natural Hydraulic Limes are natural products. They contain no additives and are not blended.

No additives – no need to add pozzolans, cement, plasticizers, water retainers or waterproofers. Roundtower Natural Hydraulic Lime gives consistently high quality results.

Compatibility & Suitability – variety of strengths and colours available to suit existing mortar, whatever age…

Paving Grout

Our most popular material is Fuge Ready Mix, the one-component, water-resistant solution for all pavements. We offer a water-resistant pavement fixing mortar. Our unique water-resistant formula allows for the so called “water-jet technique”. This means workers can rinse the material into the joints with a soft jet of water. The advantages of this technique are: quicker application and filling of joints is deeper and more compact. Time consuming cleaning of the surface is also unnecessary because the surfaces can be pre-wetted.

Price: €26.00 (gold colour), €28.00 (silver grey colour) 12.5kg.

Plastering Sand

Plastering Sand is a washed sand suitable for finished plastered walls and flooring.

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