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Black Limestone

Natural Black Limestone Paving in

3 mix size: 60 x 30cm, 60 x 60cm, & 90 x 60cm.

Just in, 3 metre circles also

Fuge paving grout

Our most popular material is Fuge Ready Mix, the one-component, water-resistant solution for all pavements. We offer a water-resistant pavement fixing mortar. Our unique water-resistant formula allows for the so called “water-jet technique”. This means workers can rinse the material into the joints with a soft jet of water. The advantages of this technique are: quicker application and filling of joints is deeper and more compact. Time consuming cleaning of the surface is also unnecessary because the surfaces can be pre-wetted.

Price: €26.00 (gold colour), €28.00 (silver grey colour) 12.5kg.

Gold Quartzite Paving

Gold Quartzite Paving is a natural random stone most popular for garden paths and driveways.

Golden Limestone

Our Vellore golden limestone is unique to Landscaping Solutions.

With the hard wearing characteristics of limestone, gold, yellow & hints of blue, this paving will enhance your garden with a traditional feel.

Circles also available in 2 & 3m diameter.

Granite Kerbing

Natural handcut granite kerbing (G603)

Size: 1000mm (L) x 150mm (H) x 70mm (W)

Limestone Hearth

Limestone Hearths, 900mm x 600mm, suitable also for wall capping & house steps.

Natural Stone Cobbles

Natural Stone Cobbles for paving and edging your garden or driveway.

Choice of Gold Granite, Silver Granite, Tumbled Black Limestone & Tumbled Yellow Limestone.

Sizes 200 x 100 x 50mm

Silver & Mid Grey Granite

Our textured finished white granite is the most well known of the granite pavings, adding that contemporary clean look to your garden.

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