Concrete Paving Slab Range & Accessories

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Granite Kerbing

Natural handcut granite kerbing (G603)

Size: 1000mm (L) x 150mm (H) x 70mm (W)

Granite Silver & Mid Grey

Our textured finished white granite is the most well known of the granite pavings, adding that contemporary clean look to your garden.

Histoic Paving & Circles

The new Historic Flag range provides the look and feel of traditional natural stone with similar hard wearing characteristics. The fettled edges and riven face add to the warmth and charm of these flags and make them ideal for both old and new properties. This product is available in a mixed size bale which allows for the creation of a random laying pattern. A 2.24m diameter circle is also available to complement this range of flags. Available in 2 colours, bracken & slate grey.

Paving Grout

Our most popular material is Fuge Ready Mix, the one-component, water-resistant solution for all pavements. We offer a water-resistant pavement fixing mortar. Our unique water-resistant formula allows for the so called “water-jet technique”. This means workers can rinse the material into the joints with a soft jet of water. The advantages of this technique are: quicker application and filling of joints is deeper and more compact. Time consuming cleaning of the surface is also unnecessary because the surfaces can be pre-wetted.

Price: €26.00 (gold colour), €28.00 (silver grey colour) 12.5kg.

Riven slabs

Riven slabs have a natural stone effect on their surface. Size 400 x 400 x 40mm. Available in charcoal & tan colour

Slate Grey Granite Paving

Our range of slate grey granite paving is a hardwearing stone with a textured flamed surface, comes in a 2 sizes mix, to give that classic look to your garden.

Standard Slabs

Call and asked about our Standard Slab Special Offer.
This is only while stocks last, to make room for new Spring Stock.

Walnut & Brindle Slabs

Standard Classic paving 400 x 400 x 40mm, new colours Walnut & Brindle.